Ayurveda Redefined Hair Do Tablets

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Promotes Healthy & Strong Hair Growth for Men & Women, Reduce Hair fall & white hair Made with Natural & Ayurvedic Ingredients - 60 Veg. Tablets

  • Hair Do: New is a nutritional supplement which contains ingredients that can support hair health, launched by Ayurveda Redefined
  • HELPS TO ADDRESS UNDERLYING NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES: There is a link between nutrition and hair health. HairDo is a nutritional supplement containing Amino Acids, Vitamins including Biotin, Minerals and Natural Extracts that can support hair health.
  • Helps nourish hair
  • Helps improve tensile strength of hair
  • Helps stimulate hair follicle
  • Helps increase keratin production
  • Helps regulate hair health
  • Responsible for hair shape and volume