Ayurveda Redefined Safed Musli Powder 900gm - White Musli Powder| Safed musli Powder

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Ayurveda Redefined Safed Musli Powder:

Safed musli has a strong hypoglycaemic effect, which is essential for controlling blood sugar levels in the body.

Every day, you can consume safed musli as it works by increasing testosterone levels.

This ayurvedic herb which is helpful for bodybuilders. Each Muscle Herb serving contains 360mg of this herb. Safed musli, as a dietary supplement, may aid muscular growth by increasing growth hormone level in exercise-trained adults. 

The root powder and the safed musli pak are widely used in breastfeeding mothers to increase milk secretion from the mammary glands and are regarded as potent galactagogues.

Safed musli has a significant impact on the body’s overall stamina and energy levels. It also helps to improve the function of the adrenal glands, which helps to lower stress levels and boost immunity.

Safed musli is widely used for eliminating microbes from the intestines that cause diarrhoea and other intestinal infections due to its excellent antibacterial and anti-diarrhoea qualities.

Because of its antistress and adaptogenic properties, safed musli may aid in stress management.